This Is All About Thist

There are few things more breathtaking in the entire Barony DeVarn than witnessing a sunrise in the town of Thist. The dark violet of the sunless morning is overtaken when the Eastern sky comes alive in a prismatic glow. Then…just before proper daybreak, brilliant shafts of white light streak across the heavens…if only for a few awe-inspiring moments. Then the sun rises high enough to bathe the valley in golden light.

Yet, this daily spectacle wasn’t enough to keep Baron Edric DeVarn from abandoning his original Manor here (actually, just to the Southeast of Thist, proper) and concentrating his time and efforts on the growing city of Newcastle, far to to the North and West. In fact, the Baron rarely visits the town of Thist more than four times a year—and then, only briefly, for the Festivals and Tournaments the town hosts with every season.

The town soldiers on even in his absence… The farmers farm. The herders herd. The hunters hunt. The loggers log. The stonecutters cut. Day after day, just like the sunrise.

And yet…there is a growing sense of unsettlement in this well-settled settlement. There’s a feeling that there’s something going on in a town where nothing much ever goes on. There’s an unspoken worry that there’s trouble just under the surface.

Which makes Thist an excellent place to be for the brave seeking adventure and for the clever who might be able to make some sense of all of this uncertainty.