An Invitation to Adventure

Almost hidden in the misty valley beyond the dire Fogwood and pushing towards the furthest reaches of the Barony, there rests a sleepy small town on the edge of history and in danger of being forgotten.

The goodly residents of this rather pleasant town have an inkling that there is trouble brewing but they can’t imagine in what form that trouble might come. They are nagged by fears they can’t properly express in their daily lives, but when they are alone and in the dark, they feel it. This dread grows stronger, day upon quiet and uneventful day.

This is your hometown. It is a town you’ve never left filled with people you’ve always known. Faces you’ve looked up to all of your lives now look to you, hoping that you’ll step up if and when the time comes when someone will have to step up.

And the funny thing is, you’re not afraid. You’re just bored. Your sleep comes too easily. You want to expand your horizons, push the boundaries and find out if there’s something more, something hidden, something wondrous and exciting that is just waiting for you and your friends to find it…take it…and change things forever.

Or maybe it is enough simply to divert your destiny, to alter your path and choose what you want over what is simply likely to be.

Because you could, you know… You could choose to be almost anything you might want to be…in this sleepy little town that’s almost been forgotten, on the edge of history.

The town is called Thist. It is your home. It is where opportunity knocks, letting you know that whenever you’re ready, adventure awaits.

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An Invitation to Adventure

THIST pg13